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Daryl Cura . dcee . DeeCoy

[Music Researcher / DJ / Producer / Designer / Vinyl Pusher]

Product of Chicago, a huge Cubs fan, absolutely in love with the Pequod's Pizza lunch special, salt & pepper fish fillet from chinatown, and friends i never see...

, the owner of Mahasa Music, Eargasmic Recordings, and a few 'lo-key' labels, has created his own distinct sound which ranges from ultra smooth Deep House to hard hitting electronic dance music. For a time spanning almost 2 decades, he’s been spinning across the country with stops abroad through Europe and Asia with appearances at Berlin’s Love Parade, Manila's ultra club Embassy, as well as a closeout Live PA at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. As DeeCoy, he has recorded on such heavyweight labels as Int’l Dj Gigolo Records as ‘The Dirty Criminals’ with his partners Traxx & Hieroglyphic Being, Antennae Int’l with James T. Cotton (Ghostly/Spectral), and his own (now defunct) Udek Music.

Eargasmic Recordings, however, is his true love. The label was started in 2002 and has become a niche house imprint with a mystique similar to those of the Deep House Detroit labels like Harmonie Park, Sound Signature, etc. dcee’s brought in several artists onto the Eargasmic line-up : Glenn Underground, The Sun God aka Jamal Moss, Gene Hunt, K Alexi, Genetix, Abicah Soul, and has introduced several up-and-coming producers such as Bjak and Chicago Skyway to the House Music world.

contact for bookings, production work, remix inquiries, etc.
daryl at eargasmicrecordings dot com